This demo version includes 12 complete levels of the game spread across the four stages. Send feedback to If you have a controller you're interested in having the game support, please goto the options page with your controller already connected and send us the codes. If you move the controller and press the buttons, the codes appear on the options screen and we can map them in the next release.

Keyboard controls:

  • Move - Arrow Keys
  • Jump - X or A
  • Shoot/Select - C or D
  • Exit Level/Quit - Q

The Xbox One and 360 controller are supported. NOTE these controllers must be connected prior to launch the game to operate correctly (known issue).


  • If running on Mac and security prevents you from launching - hold down the control key, right click on the file and select open. Then select open from the pop up.
  • Right now the game only supports a single controller connected- so if you have multiple connected, ensure only the one you wish to play with is connected at app launch. I'm working on allowing for users to pick from a list if it detects multiple controllers on start up.
  • If you have any issue with full screen mode, let us know - - We can post a non-full screen build temporarily. We've tested on several machines now both Windows and Mac and it seems Ok. We haven't yet tested on Linux specifically.
  • The demo version is missing some of the in game tutorials or messages from the professor. One thing to note in Stage 4, is you can't kill Aliens with your stake, has to be the gun.

If you like the game don't forget to vote for it on Steam Greenlight

If you have an Android TV, and are interested in being a beta tester- let us know at Thanks!